As the sun began to descend into the horizon, the trees playfully swayed in the light summer breeze. A strong smell of earth and granite were complimented with the faint hint of wildflowers. Faint croaking grew louder in the distance as the sun set, and the Earth began to cool. Lucy, an intelligent yet dopey boxer, happily sat panting; she intently listened for any small critter that might scurry by. Looking about at the peaceful evening, I could't help but let out a sigh of content followed by a "this sure beats the 9 to 5 lifestyle, eh Loose?" The mere mention of Lucy's name sent her tail into motion. The two of us sat there, taking in the peaceful evening, admiring the sky as it filled with stars.


I was born and raised in North Idaho, where I was fortunate enough to experience nature on a daily basis. It was there that I dove into the world of extreme outdoor sports; rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and diving. My life is driven by music, art, nature, literature, and the furry fandom. My mate and I enjoy attending furry conventions, and I'm often seen suiting in Peru or Reef. My fursuit building journey began in 2014, where I slowly explored the craft while attending university. Upon graduating I have committed myself to building a future in the fandom. While I construct a vast majority of the fursuits, my mate, Huckleberry, helps with the chemical aspect of the business. He constructs our expanding foam paws, rubber paw soles, etc. 


My name is Sen,

 but many of you within the furry fandom may know me as Reef.