Interested in a suit?

Commissions are currently CLOSED.

They will be reopening November 2020.


This year's commission process will be a little different than before.
I will only be working on one suit at a time, and will open for a new slot on the first of each month. The turn around time for each customer will be approximately four weeks. Because of this new method, 50% down is required to start a commission, and the rest may be paid off within a month.

If you weren't selected a round, please keep in contact and be sure to reapply the next time commissions are opened.  

Please make sure you send a .jpg image of your reference sheet, I cannot send you a quote without one. If you do not have a reference sheet, I am able to make one at an additional cost of $100.


Artistic liberty suits are also available, and a reference sheet will be made at no additional cost. 


At this point in time, we are currently closed for body part commissions. Though, keep an eye out for commission openings! I will briefly open for body part commissions throughout the year.

Please copy and paste this list,answering each question, so you can get an accurate quote!

Type of Commission (partial, plantigrade, digitigrade):

Shirt Size:
Pant Size:

Shoe Size:
Any additional features (earrings, horns, etc):
LED lighting (prices vary):
Any other notes you'd like to include:


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