All suits come with indoor feet paws, or outdoor feet paws at an additional cost.

Hand and feet paws are lined and professionally finished. A head fan (and battery pack) is included in every head, with the ability to remove the fan for replacement, or while washing the head. Each head comes with one free set of eyelids for an additional expression. Both hand and feet paws now come standard with marine vinyl claws.


2020 Updates Being Made:
Lighter weight to heads, the base weight starts 1.8 oz

Removable eyes for easy cleaning.

Credit card pouch on chest.

New digitigrade style; more comfortable, lightweight, breathable.

Remember! These are only the starting prices, and actual prices will vary depending on the complexity of the character. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required, and payment options are available.

These prices DO NOT reflect the cost of shipping, you will need cover the cost of shipping once your suit has been completed.






Pick your feet:

                           Indoor feet with marine vinyl paw pads. 

                                   Pros: Lightweight, easy to clean. 

                                   Cons: Less durability.

                                   Comes standard with full suits.

                           Outdoor feet with custom rubber soles. 

                                   Pros: Extremely durable, easy to clean.

                                   Cons:Weighs approximately 27.7 oz per foot.

                                             (imagine wearing a pair of hiking boots)

                                   Additional charge of $150

Magnetic Eyelids: Add an additional $50 for two extra expressions.

Interchangeable Tongue: Add an additional $25.

Support Inserts for Feet Paws: Add an additional $80.


For Digitigrade suits, an extra pair of feet for partialing: Add an additional $250.

Electronics: Prices will vary, please inquire when sending your reference sheet.


Digitigrade Full Suit

Start at $4,500




Plantigrade Full Suit

Start at $3,700





Partial Suit

Start at $2,500

Partial suits include the head, feet paws, hand paws, arm sleeves, and tail.







Start at $1,500

Suit Extras